Collection: Alloy and Metal Baseball Bats



One of the most important aspects of baseball, and perhaps one of the most popular, is being able to hit the baseball hard and far. To achieve this, you need the proper baseball bat. Baseball360 offers you over 55 choices of types, styles, and designs of both metal and alloy baseball bats. Built strong, built well, these bats will help you take your baseball game to the next level. Never miss another fastball again, and let those home runs fly!

About our Alloy and Metal Baseball Bats

What is the difference between a Metal and Alloy Baseball Bat?

Metal baseball bats are generally made from one type of metal material, with the baseball bats usually being made out of Aluminum. Metal baseball bats don’t necessarily have a specific sweet spot, and reward ball on bat contact in general. Metal baseball bats are also much lighter than other bats, providing higher swing speeds. Metal baseball bats are much more flexible: as aluminum bats for example flex as the baseball hits it, transferring some energy into the ball providing greater hitting distance. The velocity of which a baseball comes off of a bat, known as bat-exit speed, is much greater on a metal baseball bat than for example a wooden one, due to the combination of swing speed and elastic properties of a metal baseball bat. This is why the distance you can hit a baseball is much farther than most other types of baseball bats. 

Alloy is a material made from a combination of two or more materials. Alloy bats are commonly found in use during baseball and fastpitch games, and allows for a stiffer feel through your swing on top of being a baseball bat made out of more durable material. This material allows for less issues during baseball games in colder weather. A majority of college baseball players prefer to use alloy bats. This is due to the fact that college baseball players have more developed hand-eye coordination, and alloy bats have a smaller “sweet spot” to contact the baseball with when compared to composite bats, as well as having quicker bat speeds. Although composite baseball bats are generally lighter, alloy baseball bats tend to be a bit smaller in length. Alloy baseball bats also have excellent balanced swing weight.

Are Metal and Alloy Baseball bats built differently?

Baseball bats are built in two ways: one-piece builds and multiple-piece builds. One piece baseball bats are usually used by power hitters since they flex less on baseball contact. Multi-piece baseball bats are usually two parts, the barrel and the handle. Connected to each other via a transition piece in the middle, multi-piece baseball bats are generally preferred by contact hitters since they minimize vibration on contact, and help create greater swing speeds without fear of painful stings upon mis-hit baseballs.