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Stay comfortable in baseball socks during your home run

If there's one thing you do on a baseball field,  it's running. Although without proper fitting cleats and socks this can become uncomfortable at times. That's why it's important to find good baseball gear like a good pair of socks, to stop your foot from moving inside your cleats or trainers. Browse through our selection of baseball stirrups and knee baseball socks now.

This prevents rubbing and discomfort on your feet. You don't want to do all the hard work like hitting the ball out of the park and then struggle to first base due to bad fitting or a low-quality pair of baseball socks.

A good quality pair of socks can also add to your grip on the field as your foot will not move so much inside your cleat or trainer. Little things like this could make the difference in big games.

Baseball socks also give your ankles and shin a little more protection when sliding into base. Whatever the color, range of patterns, product size, or if they are striped baseball socks, youth baseball socks, they're still an integral part of the outfit and should bring you comfort while keeping your legs cool.


Types Of Socks Offered at Baseball360

High Baseball Socks

Players may have their pant legs pulled up to their calves, exposing their long socks and shoes. This is the high socks look that we rarely see in games nowadays.

Baseball players will pull up their pants to reveal their socks. This look was made popular during the 1980s and 1990s by players who were notorious for stealing bases.

Ricky Henderson, arguably one of the best base stealers of all time, was often seen wearing high socks.

There are a few reasons that make high socks great:  

  • Comfortable on a hot day, because of the ventilation through the socks.
  • Many players feel that the long pants give resistance when they run at maximum speed. It makes the pants feel more comfortable.

Baseball players who wear high socks must simply pull their pants up over the calf muscles, which will stay up while they're running.

The baseball pants must be made of elastic material. That way, it'll hug the top of the leg. If the pants are not closed at the bottom, it will be difficult to pull them up over the calf because they will keep slipping down.


Low Baseball Socks

Baseball players usually wear low comfortable baseball socks. It’s a clean look and has been adopted almost universally by MLB players making it the de facto baseball teams uniform.

Baseball players are known to wear a flat-brim hat, sunglasses on top of their head, and pants that go down to their ankles.

For example, one among the best baseball players in history and a favorite baseball player of many, Mike Trout, can often be seen wearing this look. For players who are used to the feel of their pants being all the way up, we recommend the low sock look, because it’s the most clean.

You should still be able to wear the low socks style if you don't have any high or mid-cuff socks. This will help the backs of your calves when sliding into a base position. Just let your pants down to your shoes. Make sure the pants you’re wearing fit you well and don’t drag on the ground. The pants should sit at least an inch above the cleats and a few inches off of the ground in the back (or front).

This is the clean, proper look for a new age baseball player, and infielders and outfielder can often be seen with a low sock look.


Baseball Stirrups and How They Work

Until the mid-1990s, stirrups were a staple part of uniforms of any given baseball team. They function as an additional decoration for baseball players' socks and are usually custom baseball socks stirrups. They were first used because of a belief that dyes in them could harm the skin if they were allowed to come into direct contact with it.

As a result of the dyes of the time not being colorfast, there was concern that an injury that got some dye on it could lead people to get blood poisoning. Another reason for their usage is that the white under socks could be cleaned more easily, and they could be changed more frequently.

The stirrup body looks like any athletic sock. However, instead of having a foot at the bottom of the screen, there is just a small loop that goes under the player’s heels.

Initially, stirrup were worn so that the loops under the feet were completely hidden inside the shoes. Over time, however, the stirrups became worn higher and the loops became longer. This created the distinctive appearance that most people associate with baseball stirrups.

Many professional players today choose to wear long trousers instead than stirrups. Some players continue to wear the traditional sock. It is understood that Major League Baseball players can choose between the traditional uniform and the alternate uniform.

Stirrups also provide some extra protection for players' legs. They're similar to all sports socks in that they provide some padding and protection from impact and abrasion. Players wear them because they want to show their team colors, but the main reason they do so is to show off their team pride.


How To Wear Baseball Pants and socks?

It's fairly easy to put on stirrups, but it's possible to make some mistakes that could cause them to not stay in place. Here's how to get started:

  • Roll up your pants so they're just above the knee. For most people, it is easier to start this way than to try and put the pants on after putting the socks on. Different players use different techniques that work for their specific situation.
  • First put on white, knee-­high baseball socks. Pull them up as high and tightly as possible. They should be long enough to go over the hem of your pant leg.
  • Make sure there aren't any saggy spots on your stirrup. It is important to get them tight enough so they don't slip out. If they start sagging even after being pulled tight and tight again, you probably need to replace them.

Wear your stirruped shoes over loose, knicker-style pants for a look that resembles the early days of baseball when players wore stirrups. Instead, wear tight baseball pants for a look that resembles the 1970s players. Players wore their baseball stirrups under calf-length pants during the 1980s. You can achieve a classic look by using a stirrup.

What Socks Do You Wear With Baseball Knickers?

Baseball stirrups are a pair of socks that give a traditional baseball uniform its distinctive appearance. They are also called stirrup socks or simply "stirrups". A stirrup sock is usually worn over a plain white long-sock. It is one of the team's traditional color and eye-catching patterns.

Do Socks Go Over Or Under Baseball Pants?

The legs should be tucked into the waistband of baseball pants. Put on white, knee-length socks first. To keep them from slipping, pull them up as high and tightly as possible. Your hem should be long enough to cover the crotch of your pants, depending on the style you're trying to achieve.


Why Do Baseball Players Wear Their Socks Over Their Pants?

Baseball players must wear knee pads by simply pulling up the pants over their knees, which will keep them from falling down while running. If there isn't any elastic at the bottom of baseball pants, then they won't fit. If the calf is hugged from the top, it will be held by the top of the leg.

Is It Possible To Order Custom Baseball Socks & Stirrups?

We currently do not offer custom baseball stirrup socks. But feel free to browse through our huge selection of baseball gear to get the best equipment. Discover our choice of comfortable baseball stirrups. We might be able to offer custom-designed baseball stirrups in the future. Contact us now to be kept in the loop.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear High Socks?

Players often wear high baseball stirrups due to old habits from the previous generations. Today, players both pro and amateur will wear these distinctive socks to harken to the past and days of baseball when it was a much simpler sport.

What Are the Best Materials for Baseball Socks?

There are many different opinions when it comes to the best materials to use for baseball socks, but there are also some materials that stand out above the rest. Socks made from polyester, spandex (elastic), nylon, or a combination of all three, tend to be the material most players prefer.

Do Socks Make a Good Youth Baseball Team Gift?

If you're a coach or manager looking for a way to celebrate a season, custom baseball socks are an awesome way to show your team lots of love. Personalize the socks with the color combinations and logo for the team to encourage team spirit and a sense that they've accomplished something together.

Baseball players will often use different types of socks: high-top socks, low-top socks, and stirrup socks.

Baseball programs and coaches often recommend what each player needs in terms of appearance. It’s usually up to the baseball player which type of sock they want to wear.

High socks are typically used by base stealers who want to feel unrestricted when running. Low socks are a better look for the player when he plays both in the field and out­field. Stirrups are considered a high sock style. They have an extra piece of fabric that can be felt under their heels and foot arches.

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