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Treat yourself to a brand new baseball jersey or offer this as the perfect gift for a baseball amateur. At Baseball360, you will find top quality baseball jerseys as well as a top quality customer service. Find your major league baseball team and buy the jersey you have always wanted at the best price on the market. Make sure you do not miss out on any of our recurring deals and sales. 


Play like a pro with your own Major League Baseball uniform

Major League Baseball (MLB) jerseys have significantly evolved over the years to offer the best protection and comfort during your game. Take advantage of the technology and improve your game with a uniform that is top notch. Own a great uniform with an authentic Majestic baseball jersey to add to your wardrobe. Wear it to your games or you can also wear it on your day to day activities, the jersey can be worn anytime. 

Find baseball t-shirts and long sleeves

When surfing our products, you will find many types of baseball shirts available. There are training t-shirts made out of cotton that are a lot less expensive than official MLB  jerseys. Ideal for training sessions, and a little rougher wear. We also have a variety of long sleeve shirts, purchase a handful of them if you live in a colder area. 


Stay trendy on and off the field with our MLB baseball jerseys and shirts

Here at baseball360, we have a fantastic collection of baseball shirts and jerseys to keep you looking as fresh off the field as on it. Top quality shirts and jerseys are perfect for daily wear, training as well as for your competitions. 

Pick from a variety of shirts from the best baseball brands available in the industry in all different sizes and colours. Choose shirts of your choice in your favourite style or according to your favourite baseball team! We have shirts from various professional teams such as the Blue Jays, Red Sox and the Capitales!

Baseball shirt and jerseys renowned brands

We stock shirts from the biggest brand names in baseball to keep you not only looking trendy but in touch with the beautiful game even when you’re not playing! Keeping shirts and jerseys from popular brands, we are able to guarantee great quality to all our buyers. We have shirts from brands like:

  • B45 - A well known Canadian manufacturing company that makes great baseball products. Find a collection of baseball shirts by B45. 
  • B360 - Our store’s brand! We are proud to offer our logo to our clients, these are top quality shirts that can be worn for any activity. Support our business and buy one of our baseball360 garments. Available in multiple different colours to fit all our clients’ tastes. 
  • Easton - Popular sport brand that sells all kinds of baseball equipment. Professional equipment of the latest and best technology. Find the cage jack you have always wanted. 
  • Evoshield - Evoshields offer great options for undercover garments. Wear these under jerseys or any other uniform to protect yourself from the ground when falling. 
  • Louisville - Louisville is one of the top baseball brands, quality is guaranteed when buying from this popular brand. 
  • Majestic - Offer yourself great and renowned MLB jerseys that are made by the brand Majestic. Find the Blue Jays jersey and training jacket you’ve been dreaming of. 
  • New Balance - New Balance offers top quality athletic wear, find great garments for all sorts of training you are performing.
  • Under Armour - Find the best athletic wear that makes your baseball team shine with Under Armour. Offer yourself the top quality fabrics to be comfortable when training by buying this brand. 

The perfect birthday baseball gift idea

Buying a baseball jersey for a birthday is the perfect present for any amateur baseball player. When giving a sports fan a jersey of his favourite team, you are guaranteed a happy response: everyone is passionate and loves their sports team. Make the best decision by buying a baseball shirt as a present. Contact us for information on returns if you have the wrong size.  

TIP: Simple way to get someone to tell you their shirt size 

It is hard to get someone to tell you their shirt size without sounding suspicious, here is a tip on how to do it perfectly. Tell them you are giving away a bunch of shirts and ask them what size they are to put aside shirts for them. After they tell you their size, you can simply tell them you didn't have any shirt their size! Now you can buy the perfect sized baseball jerseys.  

The advantages of choosing Baseball360 to buy your baseball jerseys and shirts

Baseball360 is a company that works hard to offer the best customer service available on the market. We want to make sure that all of our customers are satisfied with the best baseball gear. Our experts are available to answer all of your questions at any time of the purchase. If you have any concerns about the size and the warranty we have put together a team of highly approachable employees to serve you. 

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about our baseball MLB jerseys 

We understand that MLB jerseys are prized possessions and that is why we want to help you with all of the questions that you might have. This is a list of the most frequently asked questions from our clients in-store and online. You might find interesting information that impacts your decision making process. We want to help you make this purchase the most enjoyable one. 


How to wear a baseball jersey?

During baseball games, the jersey needs to be tucked into the pants to reduce the chance of getting caught and  being in the way. However, jerseys are not only used for game days, they have also become super popular in everyday wear. In today’s fashion, wearing a baseball jersey is very popular and sometimes our clients ask us how to wear a baseball jersey in daily life. 

Most commonly we often see people wear their baseball jersey open over a regular t-shirt and with jeans. This is a super popular look for many baseball lovers that like to represent their favourite baseball brand. People also wear the jerseys buttoned up without tucking them into their pants. Finish your style with a matching baseball cap.


How to style a baseball jersey?

To style your favourite baseball jersey, there are many things that you can do to create the most stylish outfit. First, focus on the colours of the baseball jersey that you have. For example you can wear shoes that match the white background and a hat of the same colour as your team’s logo on the jersey. 

Wear it with shorts or with pants, the jersey is often seen in warmer months because it is short sleeves. Buy a training vest if you live in colder areas and you want to wear this look when the temperature drops. A baseball jersey can be styled with shoes and a cap, choose accessories that will best match the jersey. 

How to style a baseball jersey if you are a blue jays fan

If you choose to wear the home jersey, wear a blue cap with blue shorts and finish the look with white shoes. Choosing the colours of the team for the accessories like the cap and shoes will elevate your look. 

How to wash a baseball jersey?

Washing garments is important for hygiene. Remember however that if you did not sweat in your garment or stain it, there is no need to wash it. Over washing can deteriorate the material of the jerseys and make the garments weak. Many MLB jersey owners have used Oxi-clean detergent to clean their shirts and remove any grass stains and other dirt traces. We suggest that you follow the instructions on the tags found inside of the jersey. Generally a simple journey inside the washing machine will be enough but sometimes they may require more. 

Do baseball jerseys shrink in the wash?

Baseball jerseys are known to shrink in the wash. We suggest that you are careful with your garment and make sure that you take care of it to ensure it fits you for a long time. We suggest that you wash your jersey in cold water and that you do not put it in the dryer. Generally the dryer is responsible for shrinking your clothes because of the heat that the garments are exposed to. Once the jersey is washed, hang it and allow it to dry. 

Do baseball jerseys run big?

The answer is yes, generally speaking MLB jerseys do run big compared to a normal t-shirt. This is to ensure complete comfort during play, all movements must be easy to execute without any fabric tugging. Make sure to look at the size chart because all companies manufacture slightly different sizes. Different cuts can also affect the size of the shirts.


What size baseball jersey should I buy?

Deciding the size of your uniform entirely depends on how baggy you want your jerseys to be and for what activity you are using it. It is important to be comfortable in it but it is also important that it is functional. If the jersey will be used to play the sport, we suggest a more fitted size, one that will allow you to perform all of the movements necessary to play the game. However, if you are buying one for daily wear, you can choose whether you want it looser or baggier.