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If you love playing baseball, then you know how critical it is to choose appropriate pants for the sport. Besides the obvious aesthetic appearance, the thick material protects your legs and knees when you slip into the base. Baseball pants (with or without pockets) are designed to withstand the pressure without tearing, stapling, or ripping. Baseball belts are designed to keep them in place, so they don't slide off. You can either buy them separately or get the pre-built one with no belt loops. It's important to be in complete comfort while playing baseball.

Over the years, this part of the uniform has gone through a number of changes to keep players comfortable during play. 


What factors to consider when buying a pair of baseball pants and socks?

Baseball pants with good reinforcement.

Sliding or diving through the plate can be dangerous for your knees. Good baseball pants come in reinforced fabric (like polyester) on the knees, so they don't rip easily. The fabric is thick and strong enough to reduce the impact of the pants as well as general wear-and-tear which makes them last longer.

Whether you're sliding into home plate or trying to make a diving stop at second, you could get a bit scraped up by the rough infield dirt. Most baseball clothing pants have been outfitting with reinforced fabric at the knee and back for added protection. It can help absorb some of its impact when hitting the ground, and prevent any damage to the material.

Do you prefer baseball pants with an open or closed hem?

There are two types of hems: closed and open. You’ll have two choices when it comes to choosing between them. The closed-hem pant style, made from elastic materials, is preferred by people who prefer to keep their pants at specific lengths. Most baseball players tend to wear shorts or pants that are just below their knees, which makes them easier to achieve with a close hem. If your pants run too long, this style is also a good choice.

The open-hem baseball pant is meant to sit over the top of your cleats, which makes them more comfortable and casual for a ballplayer. If your pants happen not to have an open hem but you want to hike their length, you’ll need to learn how to roll the hems. 

Favor moisture-wicking pants when playing baseball

When the competition heats up, you’ll want pants with moisture- wicking properties. This technology is built into the fabric of the pants and helps keep you dry even if you sweat as the material wicks sweat. Perfect for gameday comfort.


What are the different types of baseball pants?

There are several different types of baseball pants (with or without pockets) you could buy depending on your play style.

Pinstriped Baseball Pants.

These pants feature a striped design running from the waist straight down past the hem.

Baseball has a long and stor­ied history, dating all the way back to the mid 19th century. The game has undergone several changes since its early days, but some players prefer the original version.

H5: Pinstriped pants are becoming increasingly popular for baseball trousers. Baseball pants typically feature a gray/white foundation, with those colors accentuated by multiple stripes running from waist to the bottom hem (or sometimes just down the side).

Solid Baseball Pants.

These pants don't have stripes and they're really easy to wear. They're popular among most players because they can be paired with almost any color jersey. A good pair of baseball pants is a must for any serious player. They're single-colored beauties with no stripes, which creates a clean and modern look that many players prefer. 

Most professional and amateur teams have plenty of solid baseball pants in their wardrobles because they go with any type and color of jersey, including the popular pinstriped style.

Piped pants.

These pants have a simple stripe pattern that mixes the first two styles. They're basically a combination of the first two styles but without any details. They can also be worn with just about any jersey style and come in a wide variety of colors.

The most distinctive feature about the piped baseball pants is their single thick stripe on each leg.

The piped baseball pants are instantly recognizable, even by casual fans of the sport. This classic style is just as at home in the big league as it is among eager amateurs. Its sleek appearance is hard to beat.

Classic Long Baseball Pants.

This classic style is about sleek lines and good looking, but they are also made with flexibility and comfort in mind. Classic baseball pants are made from a special type of fabric called double knit which stretches and bends with the player, all the while providing exceptional durability for the fastest plays.

Baseball is played in all kinds of weather, even when it’s cold outside. As the weather gets colder, players may prefer the long pants style so that they can keep warm and be comfortable during the early winter chill. 

Professional teams always keep an adequate supply of long, classic pants in their locker room.

Knicker Baseball Pants.

Baseball shorts are a common sight on baseball fields, favored by professional and ama­teur players alike. Baseball knickers are usually shorter than regular trousers and are looser around the knees, which allows players to move freely. Players can always look as good on the court as they play.

Because these knee-length pants tend to be worn with long socks, they provide a sleek look on the playing field. Shorter baseball pants can also be useful for keeping players cool and comfortable during hot summer days and hot weather.

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Socks and Stirrups.

Most players usually look for socks that match their jersey colors. If you want striped sock, try to look for a pair in which the main color matches your team’s main color and the second color is either white or dark.

The same goes for stockings, which are long socks covering only the calf. If you wear protective footwear (also known as sanitary shoes), you can always wear the Stirrup over them so it's more comfortable.

Pant Rolling.

Want to rock a retro-inspired trend? Try the old-fashioned exposed sock look.

To pull off this look, take the hem and raise it all the way up until it's below your knee. Fold the hem inwards in a folding motion. You want to fold the fabric enough so that it fits well, but not too tightly. This technique is called rolling. If you really like this style, you may want to consider looking for knicker-style baseball pants, which only go down to the knee.


Baseball belts are usually either elastic or leather. Elastic belts are a good option for youth players. Because they can be used throughout the year, regardless of whether a player is growing or not. You can find these belts in many different colors too.

Leather belts are more comfortable than synthetic ones and are popular among pro golfers, which can entice them. These belts are made entirely from leather and come in various colors.

Remember that whether it’d be an elastic or leather belt you’re looking for, both are one-size-fits-all.

How to choose the right size of baseball pant?

Nobody wants to try out a million pairs of pants before finding the perfect size. Fortunately, most baseball clothing brands offer pants in either adult or youth sizes ranging from S-XL instead of regular measurements. Here are things to keep in mind when shopping for baseball pants:

  1. Most pants will run a little longer than the waist size suggests. Before you head out onto the field, make sure your pants aren't getting caught on your cleat. If they are, you'll need to hem or roll them.
  2. Baseball pants are meant both to provide style and comfort and are an essential item for your baseball checklist. Get yourself a pair that you‘ll be proud to wear during game time.
  3. Baseball pants can either go up high, near the knees, or down low, below the ankles. Your choice of baseball pants depends on your personal preferences or how your coach directs. Even if you like wearing your baseball pants low, your coach may prefer that everyone wears them up high. Since the pants are part of their team uniform, everyone on that team should look the same, too.
  4. If you decide that they need to be worn longer than usual, make sure that they're long enough to cover the whole leg, but not so long as to drag on the ground. If you want to put them on high, you'll need to work with them, otherwise they won't stay there.
  5. If you want to wear your pants above the knee, pull them up to the area just under the knee. Make sure that there's a lot of slack and extra fabric in the pants near where they're pulled up to.
  6. Fold up the excess fabric. Fold the fabric that is above your knee and place it inside the waistband of the pants. Fold the slack several times between the elastic band and your leg. Pulling up the excess fabric will help ensure that the pants fit tightly and that they are not too big when pulled up.
Try out different ways of wearing your pants until you find one that fits well.
If you wear your pants high, this will decrease the amount of protection for your legs when you slide into a base.


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