Collection: The Best Selection of Rawlings Baseball Gloves



The Best Selection of Rawlings Baseball Gloves

Shop online now at Baseball360 for our premium selection of Rawlings Baseball Gloves! An industry leader in baseball gloves and other baseball equipment, Rawlings has been making baseball gloves since 1888 in order to bring you countless hours of expertise and experiments combined in the ultimate top-of-the-line baseball glove. 

With over 80 options available in our online store, Baseball360 welcomes you to shop and find the perfect Rawlings baseball glove for you! Our baseball gloves are available in multiple different designs, makes, and materials anywhere in Canada, or the world! Order online here, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for more info about our Rawlings baseball gloves , or other baseball-related products!


Why choose Rawlings baseball gloves?

Using real leather and other high-quality materials to make their baseball gloves, Rawlings has been at the forefront of the baseball glove business since well before the 1900s. Through all the years of experience, Rawlings has perfected multiple styles of baseball gloves with multiple materials and manners of make. An indisputable industry leader in Major League Baseball, Rawlings is who you want to buy from when attempting to get the best combination of a quality baseball glove (and quite frankly a standard for baseball gloves) and stellar gameplay.

Each glove features durable, leather laces for added support and shape retention so the select baseball gloves play and fit just as you want them to without losing their shape. The narrow fit design has a tighter wrist slot for an even better fit all game long.

Who is the baseball mitt for?

For every player, there is a Rawlings Select exclusive edition baseball glove. This glove line features 11.5’’ and 11.75’’ choices for infielders and pitchers, as well as a larger size 12.75’‘ option for outfielders. Each model features the exact same durable, lightweight, leather construction with specific web patterns for you to make the plays required of your position.


How do I measure my Rawlings baseball glove size?

To measure your baseball glove size, please consider that hand size, age, and field positions all come partly into play. Make sure you are buying the baseball glove that is right for your physical size and role on the baseball field. Please note the following information below, and the accompanying chart to see which baseball glove size may be the right fit for you!

If you're playing an infield position, you'll need a smaller glove with a shallow pocket due to the quick ball transfers an infielder may need to make.

Outfield Gloves : For an outfield position, you will want a larger glove with a deep pocket for more control during a catch.

The first base mitt is constructed as a hybrid between a catcher's mitt and an infield glove. This is because first basemen spend much of their time catching throws or fielding ground balls.

Pitchers Gloves : When you're a pitcher, you'll use a glove nearly the same size as an infielder, but you'll want a closed web pattern since pitchers can hide their grip to prevent the batter from seeing which pitch is signalled their way.

Catchers Mitts : With a catcher's mitt, you just need to find the best feel for your hand.

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