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Worried that the opponent's pitcher has it out for you when you are up to bat? Looking out for your kid's developing brain during play? Simply want to protect your noggin and all your brilliant thoughts during baseball? Well look no further than Baseball360, where we have a premium selection of top quality baseball helmets for both adults and kids!



Why do I need a batting helmet for baseball?

Helmets in baseball are meant to protect the batter's head from errant pitches from the pitcher on the mound. Meaning if a pitcher throws an off ball and it flies towards the batter, it is better that the baseball player's head is protected from injury due to the velocity and weight of the baseball rather than not. A blunt force injury to the head in both adults and youths could lead to multiple issues, such as concussions, growth and development problems, trauma-related illnesses, and perhaps even fatal injuries. Thus, the main reason for helmets in baseball: to protect the baseball players from serious injury.

The importance of protective gear in limited-contact sports

Protective gear is crucial for contact or limited-contact sports such as baseball. Even if there is a limited amount of contact, there is always a change of contact with another player or equipment causing head and facial injuries. One of the most important pieces of protective gear is the helmet, it protects the head from any head injuries such as concussions. The helmet plays a major role in the wellbeing of athletes and that is why it is crucial to have one that fits and protects every player perfectly. Make sure to gear up with the best protective gear at Baseball 360. You are guaranteed to have great service and quality gear.

The advantage of choosing a helmet at Baseball360

Baseball360 is a proud retailer of all kinds of baseball gear and we love to spread our passion for the sport with our clients. When you choose Baseball360 for any purchase you are guaranteed to receive the best customer service and the best advice available on the market. In addition we hold a wide inventory that can satisfy the needs of all ages and sizes. Different colours and shapes are available. Find affordable and a wide selection of helmets on our website and in our stores.

We hold the gear and the helmets of the best baseball brands

Buy from your favourite baseball brand to feel good on the field. When you trust the quality of a certain brand we know how important it is to buy your whole gear from there. Find the most popular baseball brands and all the types of baseball helmets at Baseball360. You can access tall baseball helmet ratings online before making a purchase to guarantee your satisfaction.


Find an affordable helmet of all sizes and colours that are of the highest quality and the maximum comfort with the Easton brand.


Find the perfect balance between protection and comfort. Evoshield offers helmets that are affordable and of all sizes including youth.


Find caged helmets to provide you with more protection and safety. From the Rawlings brand we also hold a batting helmet extender that can be attached to your helmet to elongate the protection of the face.


Find the more professional models of helmets that we hold with the Rip-It brand. Get on the pitch with a sleek looking helmet. We do not offer a youth size for this kind of helmet.

Why do baseball batting helmets cover only one ear?

The reason most baseball helmets have one flap is simple: to protect the batter's exposed ear and side of head. As mentioned above, grievous head trauma is an injury which all baseball players and coaches would hope to avoid. Since baseball batters stand sideways in front of the oncoming pitched baseball, the flap on the helmet is there to protect the ear and side of head in direct exposure to the pitcher. In 1983 the MLB created a rule that all players must wear helmets with at least one ear flap on their baseball helmets.

Baseball players can decide if they want to sport a baseball helmet with one or two ear flaps. Having two ear flaps on the baseball helmets is just as good as one, only now the baseball helmets with double ear flaps are usable by both righty and lefty batters since both sides of the head are covered. A cage is also a possible addition to the baseball helmet for further protection of the face, notably jaw and temple, however many baseball players can be simply found with only ear flaps as protection on their baseball helmets.

Jaw guards and add-ons to your protective headgear

If you are looking for extra protection to attach to your helmet, there are many options available to add another layer of protection. There are many ways to adjust open-face helmets to have maximum protection when it comes to playing baseball. At Baseball 360 you can be sure to find all of the extra baseball helmet accessories that you might want to attach to your head protection. A helmet that protects you correctly from all situations is a comfortable helmet.

  • Face mask - a cage that attaches around the head, this extra protection does not affect ball visibility. There are also face masks that are made out of a clear material that protect the jaw from one end of the helmet to the other. Face masks can be installed as extra chin guards on head gear.
  • Dual flap helmets - Some players like to add extra ear guards if they play ambidextrous and can hit the ball from left or right.
  • Chin straps - You can add extra chin guards to your helmet to protect the tip of your chin.
  • Normal jaw guard
  • Extended jaw guard - Add extra jaw guard to attach to your ear guards. These fall all the way to the side of the face without reaching the chin.

Major league baseball, minor league baseball, amateur leagues, adult baseball leagues and age youth leagues do not have the same rules and regulations. If you are unsure what kind of guards the league requires, we suggest that you get in touch with a person that could clarify the demands.

What kind of baseball helmet should I buy?

When looking for either an adult or kids baseball helmet, please consider the following before you purchase. It is very important that the baseball helmet fits your head/your kid's head properly and does not wobble around. If it is loose and falls off during play, you lose your protection.

Also consider making sure that the helmet has adequate ventilation and a sweat-wicking liner. Perspiration within the baseball helmet could cause discomfort, looseness and potential risk of equipment malfunction. If you play in a normally cold area, make sure that your helmet welcomes the attachment of an extra layer or a drylite liner; this functionality could keep your head and ears warm when needed.

Finally, whether or not you are an amateur or serious baseball player, consider making sure that the helmet is properly SEI and NOCSAE certified. NOSCAE is the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment and sets the testing and performance standards of all baseball helmet manufacturers. SEI, the safety equipment institute, is the third-party certification institute that has managed the NOCSAE certifications since 2018. The image below is a sticker you may find on both your adult baseball helmets and kids baseball helmets:

Find youth baseball helmets of all colors available at Baseball 360

A child playing baseball deserves a uniform and protective gear tailored for their needs. This is especially important when buying a youth helmet. Getting the right size of helmet is very important for the wellbeing and the protection of the child. At Baseball 360 you can find youth baseball helmets of all sizes to fit the smallest and biggest heads. When you buy protective gear at Baseball 360, our experts will be able to inform you all about junior and youth helmets to prepare your child for the game.

Learn more about batting helmets and other equipment

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our employees receive concerning helmets. This section is to help you be prepared for any inconvenience concerning the purchase, the cleaning, and the repair of a baseball helmet. You can count on us to guide you through your gearing up for baseball.


What are baseball helmets?

Baseball helmets are protective headgear worn by players during the game of baseball to protect their heads from injury.

What is a batting helmet or batter helmet?

A batting helmet is a type of baseball helmet that is worn by hitters when they are at bat.

What is the purpose of a baseball helmet?

The purpose of a baseball helmet is to protect the head from injury, especially from errant pitches or hard-hit balls.

Do baseball helmets expire?

The answer is very simple: all helmets expire. You can find the expiration date on the inside of the helmet. Some helmets last longer than others, in general a baseball helmet expires after 10 years. Whether the helmet has been used or not, the expiring date stays the same. If you notice any cracks or damage in the baseball helmet you are required to change it regardless of the expiration date on the helmet. A damaged helmet does not work efficiently and it can cause big injuries because it is not protecting the user to its full capacity.

How to clean a baseball helmet?

If you really need to wash the pads inside the helmet you can wash them by hand or in the machine. If possible, remove the pads from inside the helmet, you can throw those in the washing machine and let them dry outside. For the helmet use a mild soap with a piece of cloth and wash the surface of the helmet. In no circumstances should the helmet be fully submerged in water. This can cause a lot of damage and we strongly recommend not to do it.

How to measure baseball helmet size and find the right size helmet

To make sure that you buy the right helmet, measure the circumference of your head. View our baseball helmet sizing chart that will give you the right size depending on the circumference of your head. There are many baseball helmet sizes to choose from and it can be difficult to guarantee choosing the right size. Our baseball helmet skiing chart is available both online and in store to make sure that you have the right size helmet measurements.

You can come meet us at our store and we will be able to measure the circumference of your head and find the right size helmet. Our employees are welcoming and they will be more than happy to help you pick the right baseball helmet. Find an adult batting helmet, or even a youth batting helmet at Baseball 360.

How to revamp old protective helmets?

Many of our clients come to us demanding advice on how to make their helmets more unique and personalised. Here are two different things that you can do with your helmet to give it a second life or to decorate it! We always recommend that you check the expiration date of the helmet has not passed before you start playing matches with it again.

1. How to paint a baseball helmet?

Are you looking for a DIY project to do with an old baseball helmet? Revamp a baseball helmet by painting it and changing its look. There are multiple steps that you have to take in order to make sure the paint adheres to the helmet.

First of all you have to use sandpaper all over the surface of the helmet. This is because paint is simply not going to stick to the glossy exterior of baseball helmets. Once the surface has been sanded, make sure all the residue is washed away. Then cover it with a primer and follow up with the paint, making sure to ask the clerk's advice on which paints fit the description of the need. It is not any kind of paint and primer that will adhere to the surface of the helmet. Once the job is done you have a brand new looking helmet.

2. Stick some of your favourite stickers on your helmet

Many players like to install stickers on the surface of their helmets. This makes helmets both personal and unique. Adding such a touch of uniqueness will help people in the stands recognize you. Make sure to clean your helmet before you place the stickers, dirt could impact the adhesion of the stickers on the surface of the helmet.

Can softball players buy baseball helmets?

Baseball and softball helmets are extremely similar, they both are open-face helmets and both can have dual flap helmets. Protective helmets are all made for the same reason: to protect the head from any forced hits. You can wear a softball helmet during a baseball match and vice versa. The difference between the type of helmet used in baseball major leagues is that baseball helmets only cover one ear if the extra protection extension is not added.

What is the difference between football helmets and baseball helmets?

Football helmets typically have a more pronounced face guard and thicker padding, while baseball helmets have ear flaps for added protection.

What is the role of ear flaps on a batting helmet?

Ear flaps serve to protect the batter's head and ears from injury, especially from high-speed pitches.

What is a no-flap helmet?

A no-flap helmet is a type of batting helmet without ear flaps, which are designed to be lighter and more aerodynamic.

What are open-face helmets?

Open-face helmets are batting helmets that do not have a face guard, typically used at the youth or amateur level.

What are polo helmets?

Polo helmets are protective helmets worn in the sport of polo, not to be confused with batting helmets in baseball.

What is the selection of baseball helmets like at Baseball360?

There is a wide assortment of batting helmets available, including 1-Tone Matte Batting Helmets, 2-Tone Mach Batting Helmets, and more.

What are certified batting helmets?

Certified batting helmets are those that meet safety standards set by organizations such as the Safety Equipment Institute.

What is a double earflap batting helmet?

A double earflap batting helmet is a type of batting helmet with two ear flaps for added protection.

What is the difference between a field helmet and a batting helmet?

A field helmet is worn by players in the field, while a batting helmet is specifically worn by hitters at the plate.

What is a flapless helmet?

A flapless helmet is a type of batting helmet without ear flaps.

What are the different types of batting helmets available?

There are various types of batting helmets available, including: 1-Tone Matte Batting Helmet, 2-Tone Mach Batting Helmet, double earflap batting helmet, no-flap helmet, open-face helmets, polo helmets, and earflap helmets.

How do I choose the right batting helmet size?

To choose the right size of a batting helmet, measure the circumference of your head and refer to the SIZE CIRCUMFERENCE-HELMET SIZE chart. Most manufacturers offer a variety of sizes to fit different head sizes.

What are the league rules regarding batting helmets?

Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, and amateur baseball leagues all have regulations in place for batting helmets. Players are required to wear protective headgear during games to reduce the risk of head injury from errant pitches. The helmet must meet the standards set by the Safety Equipment Institute and be certified for use.