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What is a baseball bag?

Baseball equipment bag or baseball bat pack, you can find it all in one place!

Sick of juggling your bat, helmets and cleats to every training session and game day? We at baseball 360 have a solution for that. Choose from various sizes and styles of baseball bags and bat packs to keep all of your baseball gear in the same place.

Always be prepared for game time with a baseball or softball bag

Anyone who has grown up playing baseball or softball knows how easy it is to go through equipment. Whether it's bats, gloves, helmets, or cleats, we always want baseball equipment that is game-ready and in good condition.

But have you ever given much thought to what you carry all your equipment in? Sure, it can be tempting when heading to practice to just chuck tons of baseball equipment into a duffle bag and haul it on over, but these types of habits can spell bad news in the long run for your equipment. Small dents in your bats, wear and tear on batting gloves, and so on, and that's not to mention the constant hassle of having to fish out all the loose bits of gear inside a bag with no organization.

Luckily, specialized baseball backpacks and softball bags exist in a variety of styles and colors to help make the whole experience of heading to the baseball diamond easy and pain-free. Below we'll outline some tips on what to consider when buying a baseball bag for baseball and softball players.


Why should I buy a baseball bag?

With compartments designed for all your baseball kit, there is no easier way to carry all of your ball gear from your helmet, to your cleats, bat, and gloves. We also have bat packs available that will carry multiple baseball bats whether you’re a player with multiple bats, you coach a team or you’re a parent with many kids all playing on the same day. You'll also find great features such as a shoe compartment or bags that are large enough for a T-Ball coach! Our baseball bags:

  • Makes it easier to move equipment around;
  •  Saves you time when loading equipment;
  •  Keeps precious baseball equipment safe in one place;
  •  Protects bats from damage;
  •  Prevents the player's equipment from getting mixed up;

Baseball 360 has several epic baseball bags on offer. Feel free to browse and find the right one for you!

What to Look For When Buying Baseball Bat Bags

Choose the baseball bag that fits your profile and needs

Never underestimate practical baseball equipment bags! If you are a student that goes directly to practice after school, or a working man that straight to practice on the way back, having a bag with a large compartment where you can fit your notes and your laptop, as well as your baseball gear, saves you from carrying two bags. 

Similarly, you do not want to have everything tossed together in a single compartment bag where your belongings might get damaged or dirty! Many of the baseball bags offered by Baseball360 feature many compartments (shoe compartment, bat sleeve, batting gloves, batting helmet, water bottle, etc.) to keep everything where it should be.Bat sleeves are a great feature as it keeps your bat separate from all of your other compartments. This is important on rainy days because it keeps the dirt and water away from your other stuff in other compartments.

When buying a new bag for your baseball gear, you want it to stay comfortable and in good shape

Buying a bag with padding and better quality stitching is going to be easier to carry and is going to last you a lot longer as it is less likely to get damaged when being pulled and dragged from the house to the dugout. Look for features such as metal runners on the bottom of the bag for structural support, as well as plastic wheel plates to defend against bag tear.

We often forget about the rain! The last thing a baseball player wants is to get all his equipment wet: look for baseball bags that are water-resistant! If your bag is protected from water then you don’t have to worry about it sitting at the side of the field or in the dugout when it starts to rain.

Look for a baseball bag with extra features for your equipment!

The best baseball bags are those with a few extra features. They can hold more than one bat or glove, and they can even double as a backpack when you're not using them as a bat bag. Some models come with dividers so you can separate bats by size, while others have pockets for storing balls. Our recommendation is to pick a bag that has a compartment for each part of your life.

Wheeled baseball bags

One of the biggest developments in recent years for baseball bags has been the addition of wheels on most standard bags. Having wheels on the bag greatly reduces the load and strain experienced by adult and youth players alike from hauling around a giant baseball tote-style bag. 

All our Miken Easton Sports Bat Pack Baseball Bags & Bat Packs come with wheels installed to make carrying your equipment around a much easier process. [Link]

Glove Compartment and Shoe Compartment

Check to see if the bag comes with a glove and/or shoe compartment. These special pockets can help contain the dirt and grime accumulated by baseball cleats and ball gloves, simplifying the cleaning process. A good pair of batting gloves or cleats can last you years if you take proper care of them.

Bat Compartment

One of the most important aspects to look at when choosing a baseball bag is what the bat compartment is like. The material and build of the bat pocket can drastically affect the long term durability of your baseball/softball bats. Some bags even come with special straps to prevent bats from knocking and clunking around too much. 


Most baseball canvas bags these days come with  J-hooks, which allow the bag to be easily secured onto a chain link fence while at the game. 

Personal Belongings Compartment

Aside from all the baseball gear, adult and youth players usually have a load of personal items they bring with them to any game or practice too. Having a specific pocket to place your phone, wallet, keys, etc. can save a lot of trouble later on down the line. 

Helmet/Glove Hooks

An alternative to an entire compartment, simple hooks designed to carry helmets and gloves for baseball are sometimes preferred by baseball and softball players. Being able to unhook your baseball helmet at a moment's notice is a major convenience when time is short. 

Other interesting features for a baseball bag

  • Insulated pocket for food and drink to hold its temperature;
  • If you are a student, a compartment for clothes/books/laptops;
  • Separate compartments for equipment (look for a shoe compartment!);
  • A secure compartment for your phone or other electronics;

What are the different types of baseball bags available?

Baseball Backpack

Convenient shoulder straps allow players to travel with all of the needed game accessories, including baseball gloves, helmets, balls, and bats, in one lightweight baseball bag. These new  backpacks are less bulky than traditional duffel-size backpacks and distribute the weight evenly thanks to backpack straps. Many of them still manage to include a shoe compartment! 

Handheld Bag

Classic and stylish, the handheld baseball bag has been around a long time for a good reason. With short handles and a design allowing you to carry bats and other pieces of baseball equipment, the handheld version is perfect unless you need to walk a long way or have a lot of equipment! Our handheld baseball bags offer players the space and the pockets they need for their daily practices. 

Shoulder Strap or Wheeled Bag

Think handheld bags, but with longer straps allowing you to walk to the diamond and back comfortably! Usually larger than their handheld cousins, these bags allow players to bring all their equipment, food, drinks and much more to the field at once. Most of our models come equipped with wheels to help you on longer distances and keep the shoulders fresh for the bullpen. It is also a favourite for coaches carrying a lot of equipment to practices (youth or T-Ball), as well as catcher!

Should I consider a Baseball Backpack?

The bat pack is a sports backpack that is great for baseball and that is becoming increasingly popular amongst ball players. Like other types of sports equipment, this backpack allows players to travel with all of the needed game accessories, including baseball gloves, helmets, balls, and bats, in one convenient case. These new backpack style- backpacks are less bulky than traditional duffel-size backpacks and distribute the weight evenly. Your shoulders will thank you, especially if you walk a long distance. 

Choose appropriate packs that you’ll carry comfortably and are easy to clean. Check for sturdy padding inside and outside of the straps and a wide back plate to spread the load of your backpack. And the best feature: pockets! You can carry your cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, and even a laptop.

You are an umpire or a catcher?

Catchers and umpires are the people on the field that have the most equipment, and for good reason! With balls being pitched at close to 100 MPH, you need a good chest plate, helmet and much more, and it certainly won't fit in a small baseball backpack.

We definitely recommend that catchers take a look at the Easton E610W Wheeled Bag. With ample space for protective equipment, a solid structure supported by two rails and integrated wheels, it offers top-of-the-line performances and helps you save your energy for the game.

The game of softball is more your thing? We have the bags you need

Whatever game you play, Baseball360's baseball backpacks and bags are the perfect choice to improve your experience at a game or a practice

For the avid softball player, we offer a variety of different softball backpacks and bags that will help you take care of your equipment during games and practices. Whether you prefer a traditional design or something a little bit more modern, our softball bags and backpacks are sure to meet your needs.

Our softball backpacks and baseball bags are made from durable materials and designed to withstand the rigours of a day filled with activities. From t-ball to the pros, whether you play softball or baseball, you can trust Baseball360 to deliver consistent high quality bags that will keep your equipment safe on the baseball and softball field.

Don't hesitate - Choose the best baseball bag today!

The perfect baseball-lovers gift

Our bags make excellent baseball gifts for players of all ages, and can drastically improve the lifespan of your equipment as well as your general quality-of-life when carrying everything around. If you or your child is serious about playing baseball, you can't go wrong with a good baseball bag. 

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