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Big League Chew

Big League Chew BLC

Big League Chew BLC

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Big League Chew® was created by former Cornell University lefthander Rob Nelson in 1977 in the bullpen of Civic Stadium, home of the fabled Portland Mavericks. With help from two fellow Mavs, 13-year-old batboy Todd Field and former New York Yankee All-Star Jim Bouton, Rob’s idea got its sweet start.

The idea was simple – shredded bubble gum in a stay-fresh pouch. The very first batch was made by hand at Todd's house on Feb. 6th, 1979 (Babe Ruth's birthday!). Big League Chew hit retail shelves less than a year later, and instantly became a fan favorite across America.

Over four decades and one billion pouches later, Big League Chew remains a classic among kids and adults alike. It is the #1 selling shredded bubble gum in the world, and can even be found in Cooperstown as the "Hall of Fame Bubble Gum™". With a roster of fun, long-lasting flavors, Big League Chew is a home run with ballplayers from the little leagues to the bigs.

Play Big, Chew Big!
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