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A staple in baseball for many of the last few years, Wilson has grown to be one of the leading baseball equipment manufacturers around thanks to their expert craftsmen! Ever since they introduced the Wilson A2000 baseball quality glove in the late 50's, Wilson has been putting out time and time again game changing and bar setting baseball equipment for even elite players and major league players, with their baseball gloves being notable at the forefront. Reliable, long-lasting, and made to perform, Wilson baseball gloves are ones you definitely need to try.


Why choose Wilson baseball gloves?

Ever since Wilson introduced the A2000 gloves in 1957, the bar has been set for the future of all baseball gloves. Very quickly becoming an industry staple with release after release of game changing and bar setting equipment, Wilson was selected in 1991 to be the official baseball glove of the Major League of Baseball and became the industry standard. Ever since, they have held fast at the top of the solid glove food chain for both amateur and professional baseball players and baseball leagues around the world.

Quality Wilson gloves made by professionals, for professionals

Made with real materials and by real experts, Wilson offers versatile gloves and premium gloves that have set the industry bar. Take it from years of experience, there are almost none better than Wilson Baseball Gloves.

Wilson incorporated features into their baseball and softball gloves & mitts to provide a smaller and more tailored fitting glove, allowing for a more secured, snug feeling. If equipment fits properly, then it helps young players develop their skills by allowing them to concentrate on developing their game. It also makes them more likely to have fun.


How do I measure my baseball glove size?

To measure your baseball glove size, please consider that hand size, age, and field positions all come partly into play. Make sure you are buying the baseball glove that is right for your physical size and role on the baseball field. Please note the following information below, and the accompanying chart to see which size of baseball glove may be the right fit for you.


Wilson mitt depending on the position on the field

If you're playing an infield position, you'll need a smaller glove with a shallow pocket due to the quick ball transfers an infielder may need to make.

Outfield Baseball Gloves : For an outfield position, you will want a larger Wilson fielding glove with a deep pocket for more control during a catch.

The first base mitt is constructed as a hybrid between a catcher's mitt and an infield glove. This is because first basemen spend much of their time catching throws or fielding ground balls.

Pitchers Gloves : When you're a pitcher, you'll use a durable glove nearly the same size as an infielder, but you'll want a closed web pattern since pitchers can hide their grip to prevent the batter from seeing which pitch is signalled their way.

Catchers Mitts : With a catcher's mitt, you just need to find the best feel for your hand.


Choosing the right Wilson gloves or baseball mitts

You can quickly determine which Wilson glove lineup is best for you or your player by looking at the different Wilson glove lines.

Wilson mitts for children

A200 gloves are designed for tee ball players, while A360 gloves offer options for those getting their first experience on the floor or even for veterans playing slow pitch softball. Both use lightweight materials and even 3 and 4 year olds can open and close the gloves easily.

Wilson baseball gloves for young players

From there, players aged 7 and up can try out the A450 and A500 glove, which offer a greater range of patterns and sizes as they start aligning with specific roles. As players get older and gain more hand strength and size they can transition from the A500 to the A700 and A900 gloves. They're made from a more substantial material than most others, so they can also be used for recreational purposes. The A1000 is a great series to bridge the gap between the more game-oriented gloves and the A2K or A2000 baseball gloves & mitts.

Wilson baseball gloves for experienced players

For elite baseball players who are just entering travel ball or those with smaller hands or who are simply looking for a more snug fit, Wilson offers the Pedroia Fit™ lineup. These Pro Stock gloves are designed with a smaller hand opening, as well as shorter, narrower finger stalls for a much more secure fit. Another Pedroia Fit feature that significantly benefits younger players is a drastically thinner pad in the heel of the glove to make closing and the breaking-in of the awesome glove much easier. Most Pedroia Fit gloves include SuperSkin™ to keep the glove as light as possible. The Pedroia Fit lineup includes glove options for infielders, outfielders, catchers and pitchers.

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