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At Baseball 360, we deeply understand that youth baseball players deserve nothing less than the very best equipment to maximize their performance on the field. With our expansive collection of youth baseball bats, we're here to ensure that every young hitter, regardless of their skill level, finds precisely what they need to excel.

Youth Baseball Bats Tailored to Your Skill Level

Whether your young athlete is just starting their baseball journey or seeking to elevate their game to the next level, our selection of youth baseball bats is incredibly diverse, designed to cater to different preferences and skill levels. From the time-honored wood baseball bats, revered by legends like Babe Ruth, to the latest innovations in aluminum alloy and composite baseball bats, we've got it all.

Explore our extensive range of youth baseball and softball bats, including:

  1. Easton TB22AL10 Alpha ALX USABB 2 1/4'' -10 TB22AL10
  2. Easton Adv -13 (Big Barrel) T-Ball Baseball Bat ETB4ADV13
  3. Rawlings Ombre -11 Fastpitch Bat FP2O11
  4. Easton Mav1 -10 (2 3/4" Barrel) USSSA Baseball Bat EJB4MAV10
  5. Rawlings Eclipse -12 Fastpitch Bat FP3E12
  6. Easton JBB22SPD11 Speed 2 5/8 -11
  7. Louisville Atlas Tee Ball Bats -12.5
  8. Easton Speed -10 (2 5/8) USABB YBB22SPD10
  9. Rawlings Raptor T-Ball -12 (2 1/4" Barrel) USABB TB3R12
  10. Easton Alpha Alx™ -10 (2 3/4" Barrel) USSSA JBB23AL10
  11. Easton Alpha Alx™ -11 (Big Barrel) USABB Baseball Bat TB23AL11
  12. Rawlings Raptor Alloy TBALL 2 1/4" -12 TB2R12
  13. Louisville Youth Prime Maple Y271 Red Blue
  14. Louisville Youth Prime Maple Y271 Flame Disable
  15. Louisville Youth Prime Maple Y271 Grip

Our baseball bat brands provide individual lengths in inch measurements, catering to the advanced and individual hitter alike. With rule sets in mind, we sell bats using composite materials and light-weight materials, ensuring compliance and performance. Our maple wood bats, known for their grade of wood, are among the top choices for those who favor one-piece wood bats.

Delve into our exclusive bats for sale, showcasing metal composite designs that enhance the intensity of ball collision. With a focus on the correct weight and drop weight, these bats strike an impeccable blend of power, durability, and style, ready to elevate any player's game.

We sell the best youth baseball bats in the game

Youth Baseball Bats: Navigating the Length and Weight Ratio Maze

The importance of selecting the right bat length and weight cannot be overstated. It's a pivotal decision for any young player. Our youth baseball bats come in a wide variety of lengths and drop weights, ensuring that every hitter, regardless of their size or strength, can find a bat that feels comfortable and maximizes their performance at the plate. We offer a range of weight options to suit different player preferences, from the counter weight and lighter weight to those seeking a balanced swing weight. Our experts are always available to assist in selecting the perfect bat that matches both body weight and individual style.


Unveiling the Secrets of the Sweet Spot on Youth Baseball Bats

One of the key factors that sets our youth baseball bats apart is the precision engineering that goes into extending the sweet spot. This vital design element makes it significantly easier for young hitters to make solid contact with the ball, leading to improved results in every at-bat. Our barrel design, with varying diameters and weight differences, is crafted to enhance the sweet spot, maximizing ball control and collision intensity for maximum ball speed.

Baseball Bats Committed to Youth League Compliance

We recognize the significance of following the rules set forth by the national governing body for youth baseball. Every one of our youth baseball bats adheres to the strict decertification process standards, guaranteeing that they consistently meet the stringent requirements of youth leagues, including the Junior League Baseball Division and Senior League.


Selecting the Ideal Material for Your Youth Baseball Bat

Alloy Bats - A Study in Durability

When it comes to durability and power, alloy bats are in a league of their own. These youth baseball bats are a popular choice among young players, offering the ability to withstand the rigors of the game while consistently delivering outstanding performance. We stock the biggest barrels in aluminum alloy baseball bats, providing maximum performance and an advantage in sales.

Here are some of our best youth baseball bats built out of alloy:

Embracing Tradition with Wood Bats

For those players who prefer a more traditional feel, we proudly offer wood youth baseball bats. These bats provide a classic baseball experience, often favored by players looking to develop their skills and appreciate the timeless beauty of the game. Our wood baseball bats come in various sizes and barrel designs, allowing players to choose the approximate bat size that suits them best.

Here are some of our best youth baseball bats made out of wood:


Our Youth Baseball Bats Equals Major League Performance Tailored for Young Hitters

Power-Packed End-Loaded Bat Options

If you're seeking a bat that can maximize your young player's power and hit distance, look no further than our youth baseball bats with an end-loaded design. These bats are a perfect fit for players who desire that extra pop in their swings. The exceptional design of our one-piece bats ensures that young hitters experience a core design that's as durable as it is powerful.

Two-Piece Bats - The Ultimate Blend of Power and Flexibility

Two-piece youth baseball bats offer an enticing blend of power and flexibility. These bats are meticulously designed to minimize vibrations and provide young hitters with unprecedented control over their swings. Our exclusive product lines include composite baseball bats, known for their influence on ball speed and collision intensity, striking the perfect balance between performance and ball control.


Tee Ball Bats for Our Youngest Players

Introduction to Tee Ball Bats

For the youngest aspiring baseball stars, we have introduced a special range of tee ball bats. These bats are thoughtfully designed to help children learn the fundamentals of the game in a fun and enjoyable way, setting the foundation for their future in baseball. Our tee ball bats come in various sizes and exclusive sales packages, ensuring you have the correct items for your little slugger in accordance with league rules.


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The Best Selection and Unbeatable Prices

At Baseball 360, you can browse through the finest youth baseball bats, including renowned brands like Louisville, all available at highly competitive prices. With our youth bats currently on sale, this is the ideal moment to elevate your young player's equipment. We offer a mix of performance, durability, and style, making your choice for baseball bats a rewarding one.

Embark on Your Youth Baseball Bat Journey

Equip your budding baseball star with a top-notch youth baseball bat from Baseball 360 today. Rest assured that each bat has undergone a meticulous manufacturing process by reputable baseball bat manufacturers to ensure top quality and unrivaled performance.


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Explore our comprehensive selection of youth baseball bats and find the perfect one for your aspiring Major League athlete. Transform their game with the finest youth baseball bats available, with barrel sizes and body designs that match their favorite baseball team.

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Ready to discover the perfect youth baseball bat for your young player? Begin your journey towards excellence with Baseball 360, where we offer a wide range of youth bats, from lightweight to end-loaded, to meet your specific needs and preferences.


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Experience the difference that top-quality youth baseball bats can make on the field. Shop now and elevate your youth baseball experience with Baseball 360, where we provide maximum performance and a durable design for every young hitter's advantage.

We sell the best youth baseball bats in the game