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What Advantages Do Metal Baseball Cleats Give Me?

Maximize game comfort and performance with metal cleats

Baseball is a sport that can be played almost anywhere, but to excel you need the proper equipment. With metal cleat baseball shoes, you get more explosiveness and traction out of your foot than other types of baseball cleats.

Baseball cleats have spikes that dig deeper into the ground, penetrating hard and dry dirt surfaces or grass fields just the same, allowing you to make natural movements on outdoor surfaces without worrying about slipping or injuring yourself. This allows for better pressure, traction, and directional movement when running due to the depth the spikes of the metal baseball cleat reach.

One of the most durable baseball shoe option available

Also, due to the metal material used in the cleats, metal baseball cleats are more durable and last longer than their moulded counterparts. Some models feature advanced materials, creating lighter weight cleats that allow you to stay on the field in comfort for longer. Jump higher, turn faster, and explode into a run with greater power now with Baseball360's selection of top-of-the-line metal baseball cleats, available online now!


How Do I Measure Metal Baseball Cleats?

To find what size you may be for a comfortable pair of baseball cleats, consider the following. 

Start with the shoe size closest to what you currently are. The metal baseball cleats should be a snug fit, as they will fall off mid run if they are too loose. You want your toes to be no less than a quarter inch away from the end of the metal baseball cleat, and your heel should be tightly held in place. Always go for tighter shoes than looser shoes, so if you need to, go down a size.


How Do I Break In Baseball Cleats?

While it might be tempting when you receive a brand new pair of baseball shoes to want to just spend the entire day running in them, this can lead to potential foot damage if you don't take the time to break them in a little first. A well-moulded baseball shoe should be almost unnoticeable on your foot.

An easy recommendation is to just wear them at home for short periods of time, and throw in some athletic movements like jumping and squatting as well. You could also go for a short walk on some grass. You want to simulate athletic activity without going all out and creating blisters or other foot damage.

Metal cleats are extremely useful, if they fit properly

Additionally, make sure to lace the shoes looser than you ordinarily would. This gives the shoe space to mould around your feet and ensures that they don't end up fitting too tightly.  Finally, make sure when you are breaking them in to really explore your foot's range of motion in the shoe, twist and bend your foot around so the shoe can mould in the directions it needs to. 

Generally, baseball cleats should fit tightly on your feet, but should not feel compressing or restrictive. 


How Do I Clean Metal Baseball Cleats?

An essential part of owning cleats in baseball is knowing how to clean them without causing damage. With proper technique, your cleats will maintain top-notch performance for years.

1. Remove any excess dirt or mud of the metal cleats

Usually this is done by carefully clapping the shoes together by hand, allowing the excess grime to fall off, but if the dirt is particularly stubborn, you can also soak your cleats in hot water for 5-7 minutes. Once this is done, scrubbing with a stiff brush should remove anything still left on the shoe. 

2. Clean smaller patches of dirt and sand

Remove the laces in order to clean the harder to reach areas of the shoe; this is also a good opportunity to clean the laces themselves as well with some soap and warm water.

Next, take a damp cloth and some sap (especially dish soap) and scrub the metal cleats to remove any remaining dirt. 

3. Rinse and dry your cleats

Rinse your cleats under warm water one last time, making sure to remove any soap or dirt that remains. Then take a towel and dry off the outside, and place another one inside to speed up the process. Lay your cleats and laces in a warm place and leave them until they are completely dry. 

 If you take care of your metal baseball cleats, they will take care of you on the field!

What Is the Difference Between Baseball Cleats and Soccer Cleats?

While it can be tempting to use the same pair of cleats for both baseball and soccer, the truth is that they are designed with completely different purposes in mind. Soccer shoes usually have some of the lightest cleats and emphasize speed and running comfort, and there are many aspects of baseball they do not account for.

The ideal baseball cleat, while still needing to be functional for running, is also built with greater traction, which allows players to really dig in the ground when hitting the ball or defending a base. They also usually feature extra comfort around the entire foot, as baseball typically requires long hours of standing. It's for these reasons that we recommend sticking with specialized baseball cleats & shoes when making a purchase decision. 

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At What Age Can You Wear Metal Baseball Cleats?

You typically need to be 13 or older to be allowed to use metal baseball cleats today in most leagues. Check with your local league to see their specific regulations. 

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