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The baseball glove, or mitt, is essential for every player, with options for various hand sizes, ages, and positions. At Baseball360, we offer quality gloves and mitts from leading brands.


Established in 1906 in Osaka, Japan, Mizuno is a premier brand in the baseball world, trusted by amateurs and professionals worldwide.


Though not as well-known in baseball as some, Nike's gloves are among the best in the game. Many professional teams choose Nike as their official supplier.


Founded in 1887, Rawlings provides durable gloves and is a top choice among professional athletes. It's the most preferred glove of current MLB players.

Under Armour

Founded in 1996, Under Armour offers strong and durable equipment, including top-quality baseball gloves for players of all levels.


Established in 1913, Wilson's baseball gloves are known for their reliability, strength, and durability, making them a trusted choice.


Established in 2004, B45 manufactures high-quality baseball gear, including precision-sewn gloves suitable for any player.


Part of the Rawlings group, Easton continues to provide sturdy and reliable baseball gear, including top-tier gloves for both amateur and professional players.


Known for their wooden baseball bats, Louisville also produces reliable and sturdy baseball gloves, earning them a spot among the best manufacturers.

Whether you need adult or youth gloves, we offer a wide selection from these top baseball brands. Ensure your glove suits your position before making a purchase, as some brands offer position-specific gloves.

Find the Perfect Baseball Glove for your Style of Play

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Selecting the ideal baseball glove is vital, incorporating variables like player age, hand dimensions, and field role. At Baseball360, the search for the supreme glove is streamlined by a vast array of choices.

Infield Gloves 

These gloves present robust, top-tier leather for longevity and maintaining form. Suited for nimble catch and release, infielders often favor a slightly more capacious webbing to handle faster, more vigorous throws.

Outfield Gloves 

Tailored for outfielders, these gloves boast an elongated form for extended reach and a selection of web designs to match your play mode.

Pitcher Gloves 

Crafted to conceal grip and pitch type, these gloves are optimally sized for peak pitching performance.

First Base Gloves 

Longer, with a scooping-friendly curve, first base gloves offer ample pockets for stable catches.

Catcher's Mitts 

Engineered with additional padding, these mitts optimize pitch targeting with their deep pocket and secure design.

Baseball Batting Gloves 

Enhance your grip, protect against impact and maintain control, regardless of bat material.

Baseball Training Gloves 

Specifically designed for practice, these gloves refine skills with specialized design enhancements.

In the Baseball360 collection, you'll find a breadth of gloves for every level, from novice to pro, ensuring that each player finds their match. Whether you need a left-handed glove or a high-caliber mitt, our selection encompasses the latest in glove technology and design, tailored for every position on the diamond.

Choosing the optimal materials and traits for your baseball glove is pivotal for performance. Baseball360's array of gloves boasts top-grade materials for any player's needs.

Materials to Consider for Baseball Mitts

  1. Polyester Synthetic Gloves

    • Featherlight and pliant.
    • Swiftly conforms to your hand for quick action.

  2. Steerhide and Pigskin Hybrid Gloves

    • More substantial than synthetic variants.
    • Suited for youth players, blending heft and agility, with reasonable breaking in.
  3. Elite Pro Series Leather Mitts

    • Chosen for enduring quality.
    • Extended break-in period, yet offers longevity in the field.
  4. Premium Kip Leather Gloves

    • Tender leather requiring minimal conditioning.
    • A premium choice for discerning players.

  5. Select Full Grain Leather Gloves

    • Favoured in the majors for their top-tier quality.
    • Robust, requiring a longer break-in but excelling in longevity.

Baseball Gloves Features to Consider

When selecting a baseball glove, consider these detailed features, tailored to adult baseball gloves, ensuring you match the top-selling baseball gloves to your playing position:

  1. Webbing
    • Variety spans from I-webs for infielders to basket weaves for pitchers. The types of gloves feature position-specific patterns, from shallow pockets for middle infielders to deep pockets for outfielders.
  2. Palm Padding
    • Essential for absorbing shock, with options ranging from dense, heavy leather for adult baseball gloves to softer, cushioned linings for youth gloves, reflecting the skill level and hand size.
  3. Heel Protection
    • Vital for mitts for players who catch high-caliber fastballs, with reinforced heel guards for left-handed players and a selection of baseball gloves catering to right-handed players.
  4. Lacing
    • High-quality leather laces in adult baseball gloves offer durability, while synthetic laces in non-custom gloves provide flexibility.
  5. Glove Hinge
    • Modern gloves incorporate a hinge at the thumb pocket, allowing for easy closure, crucial for non-traditional players and a staple in the collection of baseball gloves.
  6. Wrist Adjustments
    • With a D-ring fastener or Velcro straps, the accessibility of baseball gloves has improved, offering personalized fits for elite players' preferred baseball glove.

Understanding these features helps in selecting the perfect ball glove. Advances in baseball glove design mean that players can enjoy high-quality sports equipment, with glove care accessories available to maintain their condition. Glove sizing is also crucial, ensuring that the glove dimensions suit the player's hand, whether they're left-handed players or right-handed. 

How to measure a baseball glove? / How to size a baseball glove?

Have you just found an old baseball glove and you want to figure out what size it is? To measure a baseball glove, place your measurement tool at the tip of the index finger and run it along the palm all the way to the heel of the glove. If it is an adult glove, the measurements should run between 11'' and 13''. If it is a youth glove, you can expect a measurement between 9'' and 12''.

What size baseball glove do I need?

If you are playing baseball in a league as an amateur, you can simply base yourself on the position that you hold to choose the right glove size for you. Each position requires different characteristics when it comes to baseball gloves and catcher's mitts.


What baseball glove size for youth baseball players?

If you are buying a glove for a child here follow this table chart that gives an average depending on the age of kids and the average development of that demographic. If you know that the child in question is bigger or smaller than the average, it is for you to make the call and pick a bigger or smaller size. Visit us in store and our employees will be able to help you identify the perfect glove for your needs.

As you can see the gloves are not separated depending on position but rather by the size of the child. Around the age of 11-12 is when they start to wear bigger gloves and play more seriously.

Breaking in Your Baseball Glove

Breaking in a baseball glove is crucial for its long-term care. To achieve the perfect break-in, follow these steps:

Materials Needed:
  • Glove oil
  • Mallet
  • Baseball
  • Large elastic
  1. Begin by applying glove oil to soften the leather surface, making it easier to break in.
  2. Use the mallet to hit the inside of the glove according to how you want it to fit on your hand and hold the ball. Also, fold and hit the mallet on the glove's heel edge to aid in easier folding.
  3. Hit the mallet in the mitt's pocket to make it more flexible for catching balls. You can even leave a baseball inside the glove and secure it with a large elastic to further break it in and find the perfect ball-holding shape.

How Long Do Baseball Gloves Last?

With proper maintenance, baseball gloves can last a long time. Professional players often use the same glove for four or more seasons. Replace your glove when catching a ball starts hurting your hand and it no longer offers sufficient protection. When not in use, store your glove in a dry area away from direct sunlight.

Cleaning Your Baseball Glove

To maintain your glove, consider using glove oil to keep the leather smooth and strong. Follow these cleaning steps:

  1. Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt accumulated during use.
  2. Clean the glove with a damp cloth using leather soap or even shaving cream.
  3. After cleaning, allow the glove to dry, ensuring all leftover soap is removed. Avoid soaking the glove entirely in water, as it may affect the leather quality. If the glove gets soaked, place it in the sun to dry properly.

Choosing the Right Price for a Baseball Glove

Baseball glove prices vary widely, ranging from $20 to several hundred dollars. The price depends on factors like glove type, brand, and material quality. High-end gloves made from premium leather for professional players can be pricier than synthetic gloves for recreational use.

Consider your needs, comfort level, and intended level of play (amateur or Major League) when setting a budget for your glove purchase. Look out for sales and discounts, as they can offer significant savings on gloves with features like intricate webbing, full-grain leather, heavy padding, and durable construction.

Whether you seek a lightweight or all-purpose baseball glove, waiting for a sale is often a wise choice to get the best value for your investment.

How do I choose the right baseball glove?

When choosing a baseball glove, consider factors such as the fit, stiffness, and webbing of the glove, as well as the construction and materials used. You may also want to consider the level of play you'll be using the glove for and your personal preferences.

Our baseball glove buying guide and glove recommendations can help you narrow down your options for your earliest glove, your next favorite glove and durable baseball gloves.

Can I customize my own baseball glove?

Yes, many companies offer baseball glove customizer tools that allow you to create a unique glove by selecting the materials, colors, and other features. You can also find custom softball gloves.